Harvest PTA Calendar of Events

Monday, August 25, 2008

Harvest Elementary Orchestra and Chorus!

Harvest Elementary is again excited to offer an orchestra and choir for our students this year! Last year was a huge success and all the students had a great time (while learning to play an instrument and to sing harmony)!
We have an incredible new music teacher this year by the name of Sandy Cox. Many of your students have already had the privilege of having her for their specialty class this term. She has expressed how excited she is to keep these programs running and can't wait to get started!
She is very talented musically and will do an amazing job as our orchestra and choir director! Don't forget to sign up your student(s) to experience all that our Harvest Elementary orchestra and choir have to offer!

6th Grade Barbecue!!

The 6th graders (and their teachers and parents!) planned a barbecue for today! Parents were asked for donations to help with supplies, food, etc. and to donate their time to help make it a huge success! Mr. Christofferson and his class provided the music. The 6th graders provided the entertainment :) including the chicken dance, the macarena, YMCA and lots of others. (See top picture!)
There were so many parent volunteers that we were able to count at least 30 volunteer hours! Wow! Dad's came with grills to help cook and mom's were there to help everything run smoothly!
There were a lot of different activies going on so everyone had something to participate in! Some sat around and talked, others played soccer, others danced (even one of our dads)!! We won't name any names but he was just as great as the kids!
The food was great thanks to the donations from the parents and to the careful planning from our incredible 6th grade team! The barbecue was a huge success and a tradition that I am told will continue on!