Harvest PTA Calendar of Events

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Next Year's PTA Board

The PTA is currently in the process of nominating members to serve in next year's Executive Board. We will also have commissioner possitions available, and would love to see some new face on the PTA Board!! Below is a copy of the flyer that was sent out this month in a Wednesday folder. Please read over the descriptions and let us know if you are intersted in serving next year! We'd love to have YOU!

The Harvest Elementary PTA Needs You!
It is time to look for vice presidents and commissioners for next year’s PTA! If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions, please contact Julie King at kingsofnv@netzero.net by January 23rd.

Legislative Vice President-works with parents to take concerns to lawmakers at State Capital. Communicates parent’s concerns about education funding.

Membership Vice President-maintains records of all school PTA members. Seeks to increase parent participation in the school.

Leadership Vice President-

Secretary-takes notes for all board and executive board meetings, distributes board meeting minutes, keeps contact lists for all PTA board members.

Treasurer-follow all PTA guidelines in maintaining PTA funds, distributing reimbursement checks, keeping current budgets.

Family Life Commissioner-oversees reading “donut dates,” birthday table, family game night, family week, and Parent Resource Center.

Safety and Welfare Commissioner-oversees school emergency supplies, Safety Fair, Green Ribbon Month, school emergency kits, works with the school to coordinate fire and earthquake drills.

Community Involvement Commissioner- coordinates monthly school newsletter and book fairs.

Communication Commissioner-seeks to keep parents informed about school events through the school blog and social networking.

Education Commissioner- maintains and staffs Take Home Reading Library, assists with Knowledge Bowl and other educational pursuits as supported by the school.

Fundraising Commissioner-seeks to raise funds for the PTA through various activities such as the walk-a-thon, family portraits, t-shirt sales, and other activities as approved by the PTA President.

Health Commissioner-oversees Red and Purple Ribbon Week.

Individual Development Commissioner-coordinates Reflections contest as well as Spirit Days.

Follow the Harvest PTA on Twitter!

The Harvest PTA has created a twitter account in an effort to have more direct contact with parents. The account name is:


One of our ongoing goals as a PTA is to have increased parent involvement in our oranization. We'd like to know how best to keep parents up to date! We currently have the monthly newsletter that comes in the Wednesday folder, this blog, and now a twitter account. We would love to have input on how YOU, as a parent, would like to keep up with PTA news and school events. Please leave a comment and tell us how you feel about the communitation, with any suggestions for improvement!

Thank you!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ribbon Week is THIS Week! (January 19th-22nd)

In an effort to empower our children to make good decisions and help themselves, we are celebrating Red Ribbon Week and Purple Ribbon Week simultaneously. Please take some time to discuss the relevant issues that these ribbons represent. The red ribbon represents a person's strength to abstain from harmful substances such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and inappropriate use of legal medications. The purple ribbon represents your child's right to be free from abuse - whether it is from a trusted adult or from his/her peers.

Jan 19, Tuesday
"Take a Stand"

Jan 20, Wednesday
"Be Strong"

Jan 21, Thursday
"Violence Free"

Jan 22, Friday
"Stand Together"

*We will have a daily prize drawing for those kids that wear daily themes AND red wristbands!*

Please take time to discuss with your children the importance of being drug, alcohol, tobacco, and abuse free. Helpful websites: