Harvest PTA Calendar of Events

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arctic Circle!

As you all know, we held the Jazz Read-A-Thon in January/February. There were many incentives and prizes that the students could win by turning in their minutes but the top prize was awarded to the student in each class who read the most minutes. This prize was the chance to go to lunch with Mr. Bowman and Mr. Brunner at Arctic Circle. Check out the pictures from their "excursion"! Looks like they had a lot of fun! The students definitely deserved it! Way to go and KEEP READING!

ROC-Remembering Our Culture!

Each month the students at Harvest Elementary work on a different character trait and if they do well they earn a reward. Luckily, the students did a fabulous job in February and earned an assembly! Way to go!! Mr. Bowman found an incredible group called ROC and invited them to our school to perform for the kids. They were amazing! The kids loved every minute of it and even learned how to say hello in several different languages! ROC showed the kids how we can all unite through song and dance and that by learning from others we learn more about ourselves. Check out the video and see what your kids came home talking about! :)

UPDATE: Teacher Appreciation Week

Just a quick update! Teacher Appreciation Week was scheduled for the week of March 23rd-27th. We have changed these dates and now plan on celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week the week of May 18th-22nd. Please email if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you for your support!

Brandon Mull Comes to our School!!

On Monday, January 26th, Brandon Mull, author of the Fablehaven series came to our school! The weather was horrible that day so he arrived late but took it all in stride and did a fabulous job! He showed the kids how to use their imaginations and even had a few of the kids "tell" their own story with a little help! The kids really enjoyed what he had to share. He even stayed to sign books! Thanks Mr. Mull!