Harvest PTA Calendar of Events

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week

Our breakfast last year for the faculty was a blast! Kerri Ann, Emily, Leslie, and a million others did a fabulous job! They had picked a movie star theme and even created a "red carpet" for our incredible faculty to walk down! There were also paparazzi roaming around driving everybody crazy! I guess that's what they do best! Everyone involved definately went all out to let our teachers know that they are all "oscar" winners in our book!

Our New Blog

Hey all!

Well, here it is. Our new blog! Yahoo! A lot of work stills needs to be done but it is at least a start. I am still trying to figure it all out! I actually considered myself pretty computer savy until I decided to do this blog. Ahhhhh! Now I don't know what to think of my computer skills! :) I am always open to suggestions from all you "bloggers"!

I am hoping to be able to post activites and volunteer opportunites for our school when they are available! Who knows if anyone will use it but it is definately worth a try! Our #1 goal is to see how many parents we can get involved with their child's education! We will see how it goes!